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Your Special Edge

Get this!! It's true!!. Women are definitely the intuitive sex. The process of intuitive awareness may be more developed for you as a woman because you are more cyclically aware, thanks to your anatomy and hormonal changes. But there is something more. As a woman, your natural affinity with the energy of the Moon increases your receptivity, an important ingredient in opening to the intuitive process. Intuitive awareness is multifaceted. You can use it when you're dealing with emotional and psychological issues, you can apply it to your creative expression, and you can take advantage of your intuition in your work as part of your decision-making.

Developing your intuitive process is like developing any other sensibility - you have to concentrate some time, effort and energy in order to finely hone this element of your psyche. Although some quality of intuition may be there innately, to make the most of it, you must learn to trust, listen and incorporate it into your life.

The parts of your chart which are most strongly associated with intuitive sensibility are the water houses: the 4th House, the 8th House and the 12th House. The 4th House is connected to your soul history. It is here that you seek a sense of home, a connection to your family, and a feeling of safety and comfort. It is here that your soul remembers your past, even if your conscious mind cannot fit the pieces together.

Your soul yearns to find true peace with Libra on the cusp of the 4th House. But you are, by nature, a restless woman, and may not find that peace simply by getting everything right "in the world." Your inner harmony depends upon your ability to strengthen your real values, and these may have a very long history. The influence of Venus on this house is also powerful through its connection to the sign of Libra, indicating the importance of establishing a clear connection between the love you need and the love you express through your actions, words and creativity. The energy of your Moon in the 4th House does stimulate a strong need for home and family ties. You also can feel a powerful connection to your soul, and need a life which allows you to nourish and support the growth of your soul in whatever you're doing. Getting caught in feelings of selfishness or opting to do things which serve only your self-interest will limit your ability to achieve a deep sense of wholeness. Because of this you may reach to your family, especially to your mother, to both give and receive support. To truly find yourself, however, you may need to break away from your emotional attachment to your family to some extent and forge, instead, a true intuitive and spiritual bond with them. From this perspective you can respond more appropriately to their needs from a position which allows you to feel comfortable with yourself.

Saturn's influence in your 4th House may prompt you to operate from a basis of fear and insecurity. This may be an old memory, hidden in your soul from lifetimes past, but it may also be the result of the things you've learned from your parents or family. If you feel that you will never have enough, stop to honestly evaluate your life. What are you seeking? What are your true soul-level needs? Your intuitive powers can be hampered through this placement since you may mistrust yourself or your abilities to attract and create the life you need to experience. By releasing your extreme hold on the past and focusing on the present moment, you may gain a different perspective. You have the ability to build on a solid foundation, and the part of that foundation which is related to your soul growth includes your need to take responsibility for yourself.

Your soul may yearn to escape the frustrations of the physical plane. With Neptune in your 4th House you're more comfortable when you've moved beyond ordinary reality - when you're in the middle of your favorite creative pastime, listening to beautiful music, watching an enthralling movie - you need to experience transcendence. Unfortunately this is also quite close to negative forms of withdrawal, and you may push yourself away from the rest of the world in your quest to tone down the cacophony of life. Setting your personal boundaries and creating a strong, yet resilient, emotional filter is crucial if you are to develop a sense of wholeness. The 8th House brings you into your deepest emotional attachments, and is the space where you are alchemically transformed. This is the seat of your magical power: your ability to change yourself in order to become whole. Here is the heart of healing, but here you also hide your greatest vulnerabilities. Most people shy away from dealing with 8th House issues like sex, death and taxes. After all, there can be problems with any of them, and they are not easy to explore out in the open. But there is more. For your intuitive development, this area represents the part of you which holds your power, and you must learn to accept and embrace this side of yourself to feel truly satisfied with your life.

Through the influence of Aquarius on the cusp of your 8th House you may be exceptionally curious about the experiences of birth, sexuality, death, healing and human psychology. You may love physical sensations which lead you to the experience of ecstasy, but are also fascinated with the possibilities beyond the physical. Experimenting with different ideas and techniques which are designed to heighten your awareness can enhance your life, but you may need to exercise some caution to avoid the shock of getting into something when you are inadequately prepared. You may be quite psychic and can have an amazing sense of the future. However, the influence of Uranus as ruler of this house adds a sporadic nature to your psychic sensibilities.

Since you do not have any planets in your 8th House you may not feel very strongly driven to probe into the mysteries of life. Perhaps you do not have issues in this regard, but there may also be other factors in your chart which drive you in this capacity, and do not need the additional focus in this particular area. To further understand your 8th House study the sign associated with it explained above, and look to the planet associated with that sign.

The 12th House is the space of your dreams. Here, you surrender your conscious self and float into the beyond. This is also the place in your psyche which contains your past, and where you are one with all humanity. Your super conscious self rests in this part of your psyche: the part of yourself that transcends your everyday reality.

You are quite sensitive with Cancer on the cusp of your 12th House. Although you may protect your sensitivities with an aura of confidence, you feel everything around you. It is important that you have a comfortable and safe environment for your sleeping and resting periods, otherwise, you may not rest at all. Your dreams can be quite vivid and full of emotion, filled with images of days gone by and people from your past. But your super-conscious self may also take you into dream states which are somewhat prophetic. Your Moon is also tied to this house, adding a need to become clear about your subconscious motivations and deeper feelings. When using visualization techniques, it is important to allow your emotions to work for you to attain your desires. If you try to repress your feelings about your desires, you will only experience frustration.

When you are uplifted through your faith in truth and justice, your intuitive flow is enhanced. Jupiter's energy in your 12th House adds an important dimension to your spirituality, and encourages you to adopt a philosophy which includes compassion, forgiveness and tolerance. Directing your generosity toward efforts which benefit the collective may seem natural for you. You may also feel a powerful connection to a spiritual level of protection, such as your guardian angels, knowing that even when you're in difficult circumstances, you are out of harm's way.

Your intuitive self can be highly stimulated with Uranus in your 12th House. You may have flashes of insight which vanish as quickly as they come, and may need to develop some manner of focusing your mind in order to take advantage of your sense of knowingness. Your meditations can be freeing, but you may have trouble just sitting quietly. An active form of meditation, such as hatha yoga, tai chi, chi gong or even dancing can be both inspiring and clearing for you.

The energy of your Moon plays an important role in your intuitive development. Since your Moon is related to your subconscious mind, it should not surprise you that this is the part of you that contains all knowledge about yourself and your life. Occasionally it's a good idea to purge from your psyche the things you no longer need - much like an internal house cleaning. Your hormonal cycles provide an excellent opportunity to do just that, and by using this natural rhythm to release, you can feel much more open to clearer transmission of intuitive thinking!

You've always been psychically sensitive. Even as a little girl your Scorpio Moon was at work pulling in the energy around you and feeling what was really happening. I personally can relate to those two sentences above. My being a Scorpio Sun and a grand earth trine makes me want to pick the fly poop out of black pepper! And I can immediately sense a great deal about a person when I am in their presence. Although this could be advantageous in a business negotiation (are they really going to come up with 2 million dollars?), in personal circumstances it takes some adaptation, because you may not always enjoy what you feel from other people. Your sensibilities probe beneath the surface, and you may be quite adept at extracting what exists at the core.

There are other points related to the Moon which you'll find in your chart. They are called the Moon's Nodes, and are not planets, but points in space. The influence of the Moon's Nodes is felt on an inner level. From the South Node, you learn about your past and the natural inclinations which may influence many of your subconscious choices. In some ways, the South Node suggests old habits. The North Node of the Moon suggests a spiritual and emotional challenge, and represents the directions you may feel compelled to follow in your evolutionary path.

Challenged with the task of learning to carry your responsibilities in a mature manner, you are learning the importance of sustained effort with your North Node in Capricorn. You may also be fascinated by the processes of aging and the wisdom which requires time to develop, although you may struggle against them to some extent. Becoming involved in activities which allow you to be responsible and positively ambitions, you may discover that you really enjoy reaching the heights of achievement. The influence of your Cancer South Node tempts you to be overly sensitive to feeling of rejection or abandonment, instead of learning to stand on your own. The confidence and judgment you develop will not only resolve some of your fears, but may give you the energy you need to become a trustworthy guide of generations who will follow in your footsteps.

Uranian intuition is the flash of insight. Sometimes that flash is so brilliant that you change your entire life to follow it's glow. This is also the part of you which defies restraint, and certainly your intuitive mind can celebrate that possibility!

The influence of Uranus in your 12th House has been explained earlier in this section of your report so I will not go in to that again.

Neptune's energy takes you into the world of the etheric - the place beyond the physical which is filled with mystical wonder. You surrender to this part of yourself when you meditate, when you give in to your creative muse, and when you give of yourself to others. In developing your intuitive and psychic sensibilities, Neptune provides a primary ingredient: letting go. Through this energy you surrender yourself to the greater truth. But be careful: you can also surrender your will to the power of deception and abuse through another of Neptune's doorways!

The influence of Neptune in your 4th House has been explored earlier in this section of your report.

Pluto's insight is on the deeper psychic level. Through Plutonian energy you can read between the lines. You see the twitch of an eye that tells the truth, you read the movement of hands, the tone of voice that betrays what words fail to say. Developing your Plutonian energy requires that you reach into the very depths of yourself and become familiar with your entire being. Yes, that includes your shadow self, your darker side - and it also encompasses your passion, your strength of survival and your ability to heal.

You have a penetrating awareness with Pluto in your 1st House and may be fascinated with the prospects of developing your psychic sensibilities. Although you may be quite perceptive, you can also become obsessive, and learning how to pull back on your intensity will allow you to grow more rapidly.

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