Excerpt from Ancient Teachings on the EGO:
in Daphna Moore's RABBI'S TAROT

The Emperor






(new format and new cards...sample from, Ancient Teachings on the EGO: in Daphna Moore's RABBI'S TAROT)

THE EMPEROR sits on a STONE THRONE. This in its highest aspect denotes the union of the Father (the Higher Self) and the Son (the personality). In its lower aspect it denotes the physical world. Reason sits enthroned upon the physical world and on it are four RAM’S HEADS. The Ram, or ARIES in the Zodiacal sign of this letter and the number of this card, is four. The number of the letter HEH is 5, and you will see an extra Ram’s head over the shoulder of THE EMPEROR in the center of the VIOLET CAPE.

THE EMPEROR has made his union with the Higher Self. Note the BLACK CRESCENT shadow curving under the seat. Wherever you see the crescent it means the subconscious, the Moon. This really repeats the symbology of the Stone Throne in its lower sense. Reason sits enthroned upon the physical world.

The ROBE of the EMPEROR is over a BLUE suit of ARMOR. Reason is always primarily based on memory of a physical fact. An undergarment of BLUE could have expressed the same thing, but here, it is an Armor. Reason arms itself with memory, and it protects itself in its conclusions by reasoning about the future of the past.

His robe is RED. RED means desire, and the result of desire is action. RED also means sex force, and man, when he has opened his Pineal Gland, uses the sex force in the head. We act only because we desire, and what we desire is prescribed to us by our five senses. This is why five is one of the numbers indicating man. It is also because his figure illustrates a pentagram—two arms, two legs, and a head. Since the number of this letter is 5, man’s goal is to become a reasonable creature, a creature in which reason takes the place of instinct in the animal as his dominating characteristic, dictating all his desires and their subsequent actions. We use the problems our observation sets before us.

The direction of this card is NORTHEAST. East, as we have seen, is THE EMPRESS, and she is the one who carries out the images of the self-conscious. Now, what is North? North is the direction assigned to the Mars vibration, which is depicted by the color RED. Also, North is the place of least light, while East is attributed to Venus, who represents the dawn.

We solve our problems, if we can solve them without the aid of the superconscious, by the use of our Reason working through our Imagination. This means the right set of new images backed up with the proper past observation. The Mars vibration is called the destructive force. Why should a destructive force be so closely associated with Reason, which we call the constructive force? Because, you cannot construct without first destroying. A destructive force working in the head is a constructive force. All animals, plants, and minerals must destroy in order to live. When we eat we have first killed something; then we generally break down its chemical form by cooking it. We break down the physical molecule by mastication and convert it into nourishment. “Man is the chief destructive animal; therefore, the chief constructive one,” says Paul Case, “he has become so by the use of his reason.” Reason destroys only to put something better in its place. Man alone destroys water to make steam, and destroys metals to make electricity. We destroy far more than external things in order to construct.

Every action we make, every muscle we twitch, every emotion or impulse we feel, and every thought we think breaks down a cell and builds one up again. This is why THE EMPEROR has a VIOLET CAPE. VIOLET is the color of equilibrium, and signifies the manifestation, the creation of forms. There can be no creation without tearing down and building up again. To create we throw a thing out of equilibrium and then throw it in again.
Destruction is the basis of our life, the means whereby we live. Construction is the purpose of our life, the means by which we progress. The whole point then is that we build up to replace what we tear down. If we build with Reason guiding us, we always build something better than what preceded. Occult wisdom refers to the danger of painting pictures of the satisfaction of our lower desires, the work of the debased fancy. When we tear down without building up anything of value, a mental, emotional, or physical cell in the brain will find it easier to paint another picture; so it goes on until we have corroded the mind with our daydreams.

Imagination working in conjunction with Reason always builds something better than she has torn down, but tear down we must, either for good or for evil, from the cradle to the grave. We must all constantly use the Mars force. The Mars in your makeup is what gives you physical and mental force. All personal activity of any kind breaks down cell structure in order to liberate energy. Form is disintegrated, and with the consequent energy a form is created.

The previous letters, being Double Letters, have each represented a center. THE EMPEROR does not represent a center, although he represents the Mars force functioning constructively. The Mars Center is represented by card 16, THE TOWER.

Your Mars Center is just below and back of the Navel. When it functions well, you have a sense of vitality and possess what is called “personal magnetism.” When it functions poorly you have lassitude, and a want of force prevents you from being magnetic. THE EMPEROR represents the Mars vibration functioning in the thinking cells of the brain, as the faculty by which we draw conclusions from premises and destroy previous misconceptions. Reason is always destroying previous conclusions built upon superficial attention. As most people pay only superficial attention, Reason is forever at war with what most people think. THE EMPEROR is associated with THE TOWER because he is always at work to break down the Babel structures of mistaken notions. The more you use your reason the more you break it down; therefore, it must follow that the more often you destroy old forms to make better new ones, the faster you progress. It is this idea which is at the basis of Tarot; it shows you how to destroy old forms and rhythms most rapidly.




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