The Rabbi's Tarot
by Daphna Moore

The Rabbi's Tarot
is the most intense study of
Major Arcana ever published
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The Rabbi's Tarot by Daphna Moore is not a book about divination, but a practical tool for enlightenment that explores the symbolism in the Tarot. By understanding the physical and non-physical universe and the psychological and psychic make-up of those within it, we can be transformed and make our dreams come true. A fascinating Tarot study...

Ancient Teachings on the EGO in Daphna Moore’s The Rabbi’s Tarot

Daphna last revised and published her book in 2007 with a limited printing. Those books are now gone. That is why we moved the teachings forward with her consent and blessing into Ancient Teachings on the EGO in Daphna Moore’s The Rabbi’s Tarot With Additional Commentary From Suzzan Babcock. This book (8.5 X 11 binding) preserves her last edition in its entirety. We reformatted it only slightly by adding emphasis to important points and italics to some cards mentioned. For instance, any reference to another card other than the card of that chapter is italicized. Suzzan’s ADDITIONAL COMMENTARY became a separate section following the SYMBOLISM segment for each Major Arcana Card.

Through specific guidance, Suzzan recolored all the cards in alignment with Daphna’s highlighting of particular colors and/or features of cards in the SYMBOLISM section. Therefore, throughout the book we have used this new deck in the graphics and illustrations. It should come as no surprise the new deck is the RWS–Rabbi’s Tarot.

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Daphna Moore's thoughts on the new releases:

In this book resides the following sentence. “The teaching of Tarot and the esoteric teaching of Scripture narrative is that the self-conscious, by assiduous endeavor, may bring into your body (and your body is your self-conscious) more and more of the superconscious in the form of Cosmic Mind-Stuff.” It is this Cosmic Mind-Stuff, an energetic manifestation of sorts, which finds its way into our world when allowed. I believe it found not only the Rabbi and the Priest before me, but also Suzzan in its effort of coming forth for all humanity.

Joe Ivory, Numerologist, Tarot columnist,
Conscious Life Tarot Series:

"Absolutely Brilliant !!! ...from the wonderment of its very first paragraph through to its final revelation, THE RABBI'S TAROT intoxicates and excites the soul with the Wisdom and Light of previously unknown Cosmic Archetypes and Metaphysical Truths. The Divine Concepts Daphna reveals rise like towering beacons of Light and Truth that will totally inspire and illuminate the landscapes of your mind. She unveils hidden secrets that finally offer the true seeker a validated path to personal enlightenment through total cellular recreation of the body physical. None of us can afford not to welcome this companion of Light into our daily lives."

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