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The Solar Return Reading is a better predictor of psychological changes than it is of actual events. The events appear to be of a secondary importance. The Solar readings are perhaps the most beneficial when an individual wants to know what issues they are going to be faced with during a 12-14 month cycle. The basic difference between a solar return interpretation and a natal interpretation is the matter of time. The solar return is a temporary chart, and therefore the action unfolds and proceeds more quickly. You are not dealing with a life-long pattern, but a manifestation that lasts for approximately one year, give or take two months before your solar birthday return.

The Solar Return is like a movie that lasts for a year. It has a beginning - middle - and ending, and a theme - plot - several subplots - twists and turns - and a moral to the story also known as the spiritual interpretation, and guess who gets to play the leading role? You do.

Some people celebrate the New Year on January 1. Nothing wrong with that, but if you want to celebrate your personal new year, look to your Solar Return. One time a year, right around your birthday, the Sun returns to the place it occupied at the instant of your birth. That event begins your personal NEW YEAR. That event also sets the tone for the influences and events you may expect in the coming year. A Solar Return report describes the influences that will be present in your life for the coming year, and goes further to examine in great detail the events you may expect, and when they are likely to occur. So?

So, that means you can actually look ahead at what's coming your way, plan, prepare, and take advantage of the opportunities that are likely to be presented to you in the coming months. Knowledge and preparation are keys to any success you might have - this report gives you that knowledge and the time to prepare. A personal Solar Return report gives YOU the edge. Read one, and you'll want one every year. Give one as a gift, and you can expect to be asked for the same gift next year.

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