Each Planet Represents a Different Energy

The ASCENDENT, the first house cusp, or the Rising Sign as it is sometimes called, indicates the particular manner in which you regard the various sets of circumstances, which affect you. It shows where the self is heading. It holds the secret of the future and presents the force which, when rightly used, will lead you to success. It gives the clue to the deeper purposes of a particular incarnation, indicating what a person may become if they can actualize their spiritual potential. In other words, it points the way to the recognition of the force of the soul.

The SUN is the Ego, the urge is for power. It is the very masculine solar ray, the individual's natural way of expressing their innate inclinations, and qualities they are presently building into their character. It is the 'real you' inside. It is necessary to become aware of the power of your SUN.

The MOON shows where you have stored psychic experiences; it shows your subjective feelings, memories, and habit patterns. It represents the sum of inherited traits, which now operate below the threshold of consciousness as instinctive responses. It also shows where you have energy around your femininity, your domestic urges, your nurturing, and emotional self.

MERCURY is the planet of communication, your mental processes; it symbolizes what you are thinking about, your attention span, how you think about things. With MERCURY in one house it will take on the energy of that house as well as the energy of the sign MERCURY is in. MERCURY reacts differently in each house and in different aspect.

VENUS is the planet of love, art, beauty and is the key to understanding your relationships and financial situations. Many times these two areas (relationships and finances) go hand in hand; financial security coupled with a secure relationship. VENUS also indicates a need for comfort.

MARS is energy, constructive and/or destructive, your sexual energy, aggression, warfare. MARS represents an outward thrust of energy. Every time you begin a new Mars cycle, your concept of love changes just a bit as well as other areas of your life where you focus your energy. The symbol of MARS with the arrow illustrates the outward thrust and movement of energy of MARS. There are many ways in which MARS manifests itself depending upon the house placement.

All of the planets have their own set of dominion and as they travel through the houses, you can determine the different ways in which they express that energy.

EXAMPLE: VENUS is always VENUS, but when she is in LEO, she acts much different from when she is in AQUARIUS. VENUS shows your appreciation for love but MARS shows what you are going to do about it. As I look at a prepared chart, I look at the aspects, the houses, the kabbalistic pyramid, and start the reading.

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