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Owning Your Inner Masculine Self

For centuries, women were not allowed to assert themselves in the world, and carefully learned the role of supporter of their "men." Those who failed to respond in this manner were frequently shunned or punished, although there have always been women who defied convention! During this century particularly, women have broken out of their strictly "conventional" roles, and have been making their way in the world. Because of this, women have been successful at fulfilling more of their needs, and owning their own power more readily. As a result, a woman's relationship with the men in her life has also changed. Despite women's collective knowledge about the need to be whole persons, it is still sometimes easier to allow men (fathers, brothers, lovers and husbands) to "own" certain qualities. (They, in turn, prefer that women own certain qualities - like emotions!) But to become truly whole and functional, it is necessary to find and incorporate your inner masculine self into your sense of wholeness, instead of projecting that part of yourself onto others (most usually men) in your life.

Through the process of becoming at home with your ego, you gain a true sense of personal strength and power. To own this power, you must learn to acknowledge that it is okay to be recognized for who and what you are. Your Sun energy is the primary factor in the expression of ego needs. As a young girl, you may have seen your father through the filter of your Sun. His power of getting out into the world, and the manner by which he did it, have shaped your own sense of personal identity. And today, the Sun in your chart may symbolize significant men. But this energy is, in itself, the core of your spirit.

Your own sense of identity and strength may allude you, especially if you feel confused about your place in the world. The influence of your Pisces Sun may stimulate marvelous dreams about what life could be, but you may not fully realize those dreams unless you can find a way to create positive personal boundaries. This is first accomplished by becoming acquainted with who you are, especially on an inner level. You may feel a special fascination with men, and may believe that they have more influence and power than you. It's tempting for you to project the qualities of power and control onto the men in your life rather than taking the risk of standing up for yourself and your needs. It's also possible that you will unconsciously seek out men who are wounded and need your compassionate support. In truth you have an exceptional strength through your resilience and adaptability. You can flex and bend with the changes happening around you and within you, and emerge quite nicely, thank you! However, in order to fully own and express your will, you may have to struggle with the feelings and sensibilities which make you vulnerable to being victimized by those who would take advantage of your gentle spirit. It's also tempting to allow men to see in you whatever they wish instead of establishing an identity which is more readily definable on your own terms. It is this challenge which tests your ability to embrace and fulfill your own needs.

With your Sun in semisquare aspect to Mars, you can be strongly aggressive at the wrong times. If you've not accomplished integrating your own needs to take charge of your life, you may also attract men who are overly belligerent, strong-willed or too controlling. It's important that you learn how to handle anger, whether it's your own or somebody else's. Finding healthy ways to express your personal assertiveness can open a lot of doors, but there will be times that you seem to break down a few doors just because there seems to be no other choice! Knowing that you can't always control or change the actions of others will also help you determine when you need to step out of the way of another person's anger or aggression. Sometimes the winning posture is stepping aside with dignity.

Your optimism and confidence penetrate into the essence of your spirit. You believe in yourself with the Sun trine Jupiter. You may also attract influential men into your life whose standing and success allow you to enjoy more of the good things life has to offer. Your ability to attract abundance is amazing, but you may not feel complete until you realize that you are the magnet for your own good fortune! By expressing your generosity toward others, you gain strength and will also feel more complete.

As a realist, you understand that you have certain responsibilities as a normal part of life. With your Sun trine Saturn, you may be quite happy to accept those responsibilities instead of expecting that someone else must carry your burdens. Your relationship with men and with your father may be quite good, especially in business circumstances. You express a positive sense of your inner masculine when you are in control of your life circumstances. You don't have to fit in with everybody else in order to see and accept yourself. With your Sun in trine aspect to Uranus, you are most confident when you are expressing yourself in your own unique manner. Through developing your special talents and individuality, you will be ahead of the game in determining where you want to go with your life. By allowing yourself ample opportunities to show your independence and exercise your autonomy, you will become whole.

Sometimes JoAnn, you're are really really intense. Although you seem quite normal to yourself, The influence of your Sun in quincunx to Pluto indicates some inconsistency in your self-concept. When you're feeling uncertain of yourself or insecure, you can overcompensate by becoming too compulsive or obsessive, and it is this intensity which can get in the way of your progress. By becoming more aware of the things, people and situations which trigger your vulnerability, you can compensate and become more consistently sure of yourself.

Mars energy is assertive, aggressive and combative, and can be angry. These are not "feminine" qualities. In fact, women who possess and project these qualities from within themselves often get bad names, and are called "ball-busters," or other expletives, by the men who are dealing with them. But to become fully whole, you need to accept the manner in which you can utilize your Mars energy so that you are confident and strong with it, and so you can get into the world and make things happen for yourself!

You may be stubborn. When you want something, you can be relentless in your pursuit of it. Through your Mars in Taurus, your embrace of the assertive side of your masculine psyche projects a powerful steadfastness. You may not want to turn the world upside down. In fact, you may do your best to make sure that those things which are important to survival remain. You may also be more comfortable projecting your fighting spirit onto men who seem to enjoy that type of thing. Through this part of your masculine self, you prefer to maintain the status quo. There are no major aspects to Mars in your chart. To a large extent, this indicates that the energy of Mars is empowered, because it operates without undue influence from other energies in your chart. You're constantly doing, taking action and may feel uncomfortable unless there's some kind of activity going on in your life. The qualities of this energy may be an outstanding force in your life, and this is the energy which people frequently associate with your identity.

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