Have you ever wondered about your soul's purpose
and how to accomplish it in this lifetime?

daphna moore

World-renowned Kabbalah Numerologist, Astrologer, and author of best-selling book, The Rabbi's Tarot, Daphna Moore has moved to Brevard County, Florida, after living in Denver, CO, for over twenty-three years. She is a retired AMTA Massage Instructor, a healer, Intuitive Reader, and hypnotherapist. She devotes most of her time doing readings and private phone consulting.

Daphna uses Astrology along with Numerology to clarify the meaning of events, which shows the nature of the energies with which you have been endowed.

Daphna says:

A properly erected chart is a symbolic map of the individual's human psyche. It is like a seed because it contains in microcosm the potentials existent within the individual and the periods of his or her life when these potentials are likely to be brought into actualization.

The Astrology chart is a road map of the soul, and Numerology is a system of analysis based on the relationship of numbers to experience. Therefore, Astrology and Numerology coincide and confirm each other so perfectly that it is almost impossible for me to analyze a chart of any kind without somehow including concepts from both of these sciences to enhance the understanding of the chart. No number, no planet, no sign is strictly good or bad. There is a duality (both positive and negative meanings) and it is our choice always how we express these things. Opportunities can be seized and conflicts can be eased by delving into what the planets and numbers say about us as well as others.

The majority of my readings are personalized and are on a 90-minute cassette tape. I also used computerized reports for your additional information. However, the taped readings are a combination of both astrology and numerology using the kabbalistic insights into the numbers as they appear within the pyramid. I will send you a numerology reading report as well when I prepare the astrology and numerology reading.


Numerology is a system of analysis of the study of numbers and their meanings. I use the Patagonian method of numbers. Pythagoras was a philosopher and mathematician who lived and taught in southern Italy in the 6th century B.C. The Pythagorean Theorem is named after Pythagoras. I use the inverted pyramid or Cabalism of numbers to find answers to many issues. Each letter in the alphabet is assigned and number starting with the letter A = 1, B= 2, down to I = 9 and then start over again with J = 1, K = 2, down to R = 9, and the start over again with S = 1, T = 2, down to the letter Z = 8. I then assign the number to the letters in your birth name from your birth certificate and use your birth date in order to obtain information for creating the inverted pyramid or Cabalism of numbers.

I also use astrology and Tarot and combine all three to give you an excellent reading. Numbers and their meanings tell stories. Example: Look how many times the letter 7 is used in the Bible. 7 in the Bible refers to a physical completion of some kind. 7 in numerology refers to introspection, analytical, secretive, and tend to enjoy their solitude. It has many other meanings but I am describing how numbers have been used for centuries. If all the numbers of your name reduce to a single digit of 7 you could be described as a skeptic, the inventor, the philosopher, the mystic, the perfectionist, and you would probably be quite studious, and very selective.

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Each planet represents a different energy and each planet is a symbolic representative of an archetypal energy or universal energy that manifests itself in all of our lives. First, I would like to tell you about the ASCENDENT.

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