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How to Meet the World on Your Own Terms

Career and financial arenas were for many years primarily part of the "man's world." Women stayed at home, cared for children, and took care of the social needs of the family. Now that so many women are in the work place, and with the advent of more open relationships where both partners are likely to share paying bills and making financial decisions, the world is changing. You can define your identity in the world in many ways today, including developing a career. Meeting the world on your own terms involves uncovering the manner in which you might shine most effectively and the way you use your resources, and creating a pathway which allows you to realize your goals.

The Midheaven, which is usually near the top of your astrological chart, is signified by an astrological sign. This point in your chart represents your vocation, your calling in life, and the sign at the Midheaven gives you several clues about your path in the outside world. Just as importantly, the Midheaven signifies your blossoming into wholeness and the manner by which you might best accomplish this experience. Your 10th House also provides information about your career path.

Making your way in the world and establishing your own place is aided by the influence of Aries at your Midheaven. Your keen sense of ambition keeps you moving forward in the face of competition; you're not likely to collapse in intimidation. You need a life path and career which allow you to exercise some independence, and prefer work which is challenging and exciting. You may also forge new territory through your career or volunteer efforts, and can be the woman who makes progress where others have failed. Your key to personal fulfillment rests in your ability to initiate, and you may love a career which gives you the room and opportunity to blaze trails. The energy of Mars influences the manner in which you illuminate your path to success. You may enjoy working in a field which is physically active and may have a special affinity for working with children. The courage of your convictions provides the strength you need to realize your hopes.

Since your Mars is in Taurus, you may not be as gung-ho about getting to the top, but you can plot a sure and certain path toward getting there. Sometimes, you may need a little motivation to get you moving, and setting goals that mean something will help. You'll perform best in a career which allows you to exercise your good business sense and eye for quality. The process of work itself is usually seen through the 6th House in your chart. Through this facet of yourself, you express your approach and attitudes about working, and your ability to cooperate with others is also indicated here. This house is related to your physical health, and it's no surprise that you might hear the complaint (or feel it yourself), "I'm sick of my job." Instead of feeling thrown off balance by the tasks required to get through life, there are ways to use this part of your time and energy to strengthen your life.

One of the reasons you make such a powerful impression on people is because you usually go into situations prepared. Capricorn's influence on your 6th House indicates that you do not mind hard work when it will get you somewhere. You may demand a great deal from yourself, and if you're in positions of management, can also demand a lot from others, too. You may look for ways to take advantage of the talents of others and may be the mistress of utilizing resources, like technology, to make your job easier. Saturn's rulership of this house adds the energy of responsibility to your work ethic, and shows that in order to achieve the success you desire you will have to put forth the necessary discipline. You might work well in hierarchical situations but will prefer to be near the top of the ladder.

You have no planets in your 6th House, but still need to do something productive with your life. This may be an indicator that you do not feel a need to focus all your attention on working. Look to the influences suggested by the sign on this house and to the planet ruling this house for more information about how to best approach fulfilling your needs for productivity and duty.

Here we go again with your creativity. As a woman, you are innately creative. Although you may not consider yourself an artist, your creative spirit and drive are the mechanisms through which you shape your own life.

Creative self-expression is seen strongly in the 5th House of your chart, and by incorporating these elements into your career, you will gain greater satisfaction from your work. If you have the time to concentrate on more recreational forms of creativity, this is the part of your chart which indicates what brings you pleasure. Life itself can certainly be a pleasurable experience - all the time, not just on holidays!

Sagittarius' influence on your 5th House adds a need for adventure in your approach to play, creativity and recreation. When you have time to travel, explore the world, interact with people from different backgrounds, attend workshops or classes or read, your creativity is inspired. You may love getting into nature, and may find that adding a dimension of reaching into unexplored territory is an excellent source for personal regeneration. A little competition can also spur you to reach into your own creative soul and express dimensions of yourself you might otherwise leave unattended. With Jupiter ruling your 5th House you may feel most inspired by situations which open all the fences and allow you to explore freely and independently.

Just because there are no planetary energies in your 5th House, do not despair. This does not indicate that you are somehow lacking in creativity. As you see from the sign on the cusp of your 5th House, your creative inclinations are driven by particular qualities and needs. Explore the different dimensions of the planet associated with your 5th House to gain insight into your creativity. By following these you'll find that you easily unlock your creative potential.

One of the most powerful creative drives in your chart is your Sun. Since this is the energy which can drive you to be noticed, learning to cultivate this aspect of yourself in a positive manner can amplify your success in life.

You really don't have to save the world in order to be a success. But with your Sun in Pisces, you may at least try to save a part of it in some way. Your deeper goals may have a more spiritual basis, like achieving a sense of oneness with life. You may never feel satisfied with the everyday successes until you feel connected on the inner level. There is always plenty to do in the world, and sometimes you'll feel wonderful when you've created something that makes a difference. But the real success occurs when your perspective changes and you see yourself and others through the eyes of true forgiveness and compassion.

Your individuality is expressed through many different energies in your chart, but the energy which is most closely associated with the unique and individualistic part of yourself is Uranus. Through Uranian energy, you display your ingenuity and make the breakthroughs which allow you to move into new experiences. Uranus also prompts your rebellious nature, and the placement of this energy in your chart shows you where you are staging your own personal revolution.

With Uranus in Cancer you've been born into a life of society's revolution within the family and have experienced the development of new insights into emotional needs. Along with other women born from 1948 to 1956, your revolution has been fought in the kitchen, over matters of reproduction, and at family reunions. You've changed the roles women play and the expectations of women in the world, consequently bringing an evolution in family relationships and within society itself: an evolutionary change which is continuing in its effects. Your shared insights have included a world where girls and women have the same opportunities as boys and men. To understand where you are creating this revolution within your own life, look to the house in which Uranus resides in your chart.

The energy of Uranus in your 12th House indicates that you may not always show your unique talents to everyone. However, you can be quite effective in bringing innovative changes even in such situations as institutions, and may be rather adept at working within a system to bring about alterations or modifications. You may also be a natural psychologist, whether you work in that field or not!

The energy of Chiron is also a powerful factor for your outreach into the world. Through Chiron, you discover both strength and vulnerability. The vulnerability represented by Chiron is, in many ways, like a doorway which allows you to penetrate a deeper level of personal mastery. This is the process of initiation not unlike that which a Shaman must endure in order to learn how to travel between the worlds. Through Chiron, you learn how to travel between the world of your inner self and the world outside to achieve a sense of true purpose and wisdom. You have Chiron in Aquarius, drawing your life purpose into the arena of human development and expansion of consciousness. You may be strongly aware that your own evolution and growth have an impact on the evolution of humanity as a whole, and the choices you make in your life which are centered around rising above the ordinary may allow you to do just that. You cannot fall into the trap of elitist thinking, or you will experience a deep wounding which lasts until you abandon such ideas.

With Chiron in your 6th House you're learning how to work cooperatively with others. You may also have a special need to attend to health matters, and your consciousness in this regard can be one of your greatest challenges. Self-improvement is your key to fulfilling your life purpose.

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