Excerpt from The Rabbi's Tarot
by Daphna Moore

The Hierophant




The name given to a certain use of the Mars vibration is KUNDALINI. The next card is based on Kundalini. It is a certain nerve force, which you generate in your body, and electrical force, which you generate from Meditation. You probably are beginning to generate this force even though you have practiced only a short time with your cards. It is through the agency of the Kundalini that we are enabled to hear the voice of the Higher Self. Occasionally when some accident, great excitement, stress, grief, or joy has raised our vibration, we can hear the voice of the Higher Self. Generally and normally it is only by working on ourselves that we raise our vibration, rather than by some external means. Normally it is the rise of the Kundalini in our bodies which enables us to hear the Higher Self.

There are four (4) BLACK AND WHITE STRIPES upon this carpet. They are the Four Keys of the four planes. They are Black and White because they represent the opposing masculine and feminine, as did the two pillars of the HIGH PRIESTESS. When we speak of them as the emotions we see they represent the pleasant emotions and the unpleasant ones. One of the secrets THE HIEROPHANT is teaching these two is how to control their emotions so that their emotions will no longer control them.


The two (2) Golden Keys have handles made like the Venus symbol, with the cross turned in. A key suggests a door, and Venus is the door. They are the Keys to unlock the Venus Center. The wards of these Keys are noticeably square, and the sign of the Venus Center is a carpenter's square. They are gold, so they represent the use of the energy of the Sun, the use of the Light Force. These three things taken together show that the Keys mean a certain use of the Solar Energy by which we unlock the power of the Venus vibration in the Throat Center. The Keys are the symbols of the unlocked power of the Venus vibration in the Throat Center.

In general, the last thing to demonstrate is the Throat Center, the place where you speak your Creative Word. This secret is like the other. THE HIGH PRIESTESS tells the subconscious the secret, and the subconscious relays it on to the self-conscious.

We now come to the costume of THE HIEROPHANT. He has a Red-Orange robe on over a White one. The BLUE robe is intermediary between the White and the Red-Orange robes, between the innermost robe and the outside robe. BLUE, the subconscious, is the vehicle by which the Spirit, the White, expresses itself to the Reason of man. When the Reason acts in accordance with the superconscious, it is Red-Orange. The Red is Reason and the Orange is super-conscious.

Two WHITE TABS hang down from the crown of THE HIEROPHANT and there are two more hanging down from his throat at the collar. Throat and ears are ruled by Taurus, consequently by Venus. It is the quickened activity of the Throat Center which sends up the message of the Higher Self to the Pituitary, who sends it to the hearing region of the back of the brain. This is symbolic of the two tabs which fall from the ears and the two which fall from the throat. The tabs are four in number to show the functioning of Abstract Thought on all the four planes.

His sleeves are White because he is carrying out the designs of the Higher Self, whose agent he is. We do most of our work with the forearm and with the wrist, and that is why his sleeves are White.

The shoes are White for the same reason. He executes the demands of the Spirit, then carries out the efforts of the Spirit.

He is yoked with the Spirit. He has a White Yoke on. Just as the two beneath him are yoked with a YELLOW "Y," he is yoked with a White "Y." Note that the White "y" goes down in the many concentric folds of his robe, just as the White cross does on the robe of THE HIGH PRIESTESS.


Every concept of occultism and every principle is of both genders: masculine and feminine. It is now the one, and now the other. It is feminine in respect to all that is above it, and masculine in respect to all that is below it. Let us see how that works out. The highest member of man's Trinity is feminine to the Creator, but it is sternly masculine to all that is below it. The Higher Self is immediately below it. The Higher Self is feminine to it but sternly masculine to all that is below. What is immediately below it is the man, the human being. The human being is masculine and feminine, but the human being is always feminine to the Higher Self. The human being should be sternly masculine to his body and his body should be feminine to him.

Your subconscious, your Empress, who is feminine to your self-conscious, should rule all the rest of the body with a rod of iron and be sternly masculine to it. She rules each organ in the body. Each organ in the body, while it is feminine, should be sternly masculine to all the cells which compose it to all the areas which it feeds or tends. There is a long procession: masculine, feminine, masculine, feminine, all the way down. The thing is now one, now the other. It is the feminine if you look above, and it is masculine as you look below.

Now in this long procession, the only one who is ever derelict to his duty is the self-conscious of the man. Aren't you ashamed of yourself? He may, and also generally does, cater to his body. He may, and also generally does, refuse to be feminine to the Higher Self. So the self-conscious is the only rebel in the long procession. He lets his body rule him when he should rule the body. He refuses to obey the dictates of the Higher Self when he should be feminine to the Higher Self.




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