Excerpt from The Rabbi's Tarot
by Daphna Moore

The Hierophant




In Tarot, the direction assigned to this letter VAV and the color of THE HIEROPHANT's robe tell you the two important parts that Reason plays in the process of getting an Intuition and in carrying it out afterwards. The direction of HEH is northeast, and the direction of VAV is southeast. East, you see, is common to both. Wherever you see east, it always presupposes THE EMPEROR, because THE EMPEROR always impresses THE EMPRESS (East).

Northeast is a combination of North (Reason) and East (Imagination). THE HIEROPHANT's color is RED-ORANGE, and Red is the color of Reason mixed with YELLOW to make Red-Orange. North is the sex-power in the head. When it wakes in the head, it is called Reason, and east is THE EMPRESS after her husband, THE EMPEROR, has impressed her. Therefore, when you say northeast, you mean THE EMPRESS having been impressed by Reason, THE EMPEROR.

Now the Robe of THE HIEROPHANT is Red-Orange. Red is the color of THE EMPEROR's robe, and Red is the color of the sex-power Reason, the sex-power functioning in the head.

The symbol of Taurus is a half-circle over a full circle. These symbols have a great many meanings. One of the meanings is this: the full circle is the circle of your entire past experience. You have the same thing when you speak your affirmations about THE EMPRESS:

"I am the luminous intelligence enlightening all experiences with the wisdom of the ages."

The other is the Pattern on the Trestle board and refers to the Waterfall in THE EMPRESS card:

"I am guided moment by moment along the path of liberation, filled with the understanding of its perfect Law."

Liberation from what? The imperfect body to which you have condemned THE EMPRESS.

Liberation into what? The body, which can function on all four planes and possess the 15 extensions of consciousness depicted by the TIARA of THE HIEROPHANT.

The sign Taurus rules the ears and the throat. The throat is the link between the head and the body. In astrology, Taurus is ruled by Venus, and the Moon is exalted in Taurus, meaning that the moon comes to her highest activity in Taurus. Your body is governed by your mental images. The highest use of the memory in us is "recollection of the state from which we came, and back to which we are going." This recollection is what is meant by Intuition. The highest capacity of the memory is reached in Intuition. We remember something that we think we have forgotten and the Higher Self reminds us of it.

Occultism teaches us that what we call discoveries are really "recoveries," Intuitions that state to us facts which we or the world knew long ago. That is the teaching of Plato in regard to "ideas." "Ideas," he said, "are really the things that we see on a higher plane if we have the Spiritual perception." So when we have mental recollection down here of things we once saw on the higher planes, we have a memory, an idea. It is the same which is expressed in the Bible: "what is to be has been already." The creative powers search out what is past. In other words, people invent by reason of their memories, by reason of their Intuitions.

The occultist knows that even with the tremendous increase in scientific discovery in the last hundred years, we have not, as yet, come abreast of scientific perfection that we enjoyed in the past, in the Atlantean Age, for instance. We have forgotten all about them. We shall come abreast of those discoveries, and then we will go on a little further, that is to say, we will remember still further back.


You have an Enthroned Figure like the Pope sitting between two pillars and giving instructions to two tonsured monks. The PILLARS are alike and they are made of stone. They stand for the union of the personality with the Higher Self, the body with the soul. The two Pillars bear the symbol of the principle of gender, two opposite forces working harmoniously and creatively together. That is the design of the two Pillars that we call, in architecture, "the bell and the clapper" design. This design illustrates the action of a nail when it is driven down into some other body. The Higher Self cannot work alone to this extent and we cannot work alone without the Higher Self. The bowl of the bell is useless without the clapper and the clapper is useless without the bowl. They must work together in order to make sound. A nail is useless unless you have something to drive it into. Unless a nail is driven into wood or a board, it cannot be attached to whatever you want to attach it to.

The two designs on the Pillars are set in deep semicircles, again representing the two forms of the subconscious in you. One semi-circle is for the one listener, and the other semi-circle is for the other listener. Who are these listeners? They are not the self-conscious and subconscious as you would naturally suppose. Their robes tell you who they are. Who is the one with the Roses? Who is the one with the Lilies? The one with the Roses is your intellectual subconscious, your body with your five senses. The one with the Lilies is your Cosmic subconscious kneeling at the feet of THE HIEROPHANT, who is instructing them. They have tonsured heads and Yokes of YELLOW to show they are like monks, entirely abandoned and dedicated to the Higher Self, the source of all Intuitions. The YELLOW YOKES show the yoke of the Higher Self. One of them has Black Dots on it. It can be impressed by the mind. The other cannot be impressed by your mind (the Cosmic subconscious, the Holy Ghost in you), it can only be impressed by His Mind, the Mind of the Higher Self.

The YOKE of the BLUE Figure should be LIGHT YELLOW, and it indicates the cosmic subconscious of the personality. The Yoke of the figure with the Red Roses should be deepest YELLOW. The two YELLOWs indicate different thoughts. The LIGHT YELLOW indicates the Mind of the Higher Self. The DEEP YELLOW indicates the mind of the lower self in these two phases, that of the self-conscious and that of the subconscious. The BLUE Figure represents THE HIGH PRIESTESS. The self-conscious of the personality cannot impress her with his images. Only THE HIEROPHANT can do this, but the self-conscious of the personality can impress THE EMPRESS, the intellectual subconscious, which is the other figure.

Let us think on the teaching of the Higher Self. We are going later to transfer it to the self-conscious. The teaching is both the concrete and the abstract; it concerns the Eternal Principles. They are abstract. It shows your application of the Eternal Principles to your own troubles; that is, the concrete.

THE HIEROPHANT is enthroned on a PINK CARPET. Pink is Red-on-White. Red means the Mars force and White means the Spirit. Red-on-White, which is Pink, means the divine use of the Mars force, the Mars vibration.



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