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"I just had a reading from Daphna and it included Numerology, Astrology, Secondary Progression. I was amazed as to what she new just from my full name at birth and my birth date and place of birth. I highly recommend her for her insights and her knowledge."
Jacqueline Montagne, Paris, France

"Daphna is a natural intuitive and deeply spiritual. Her comprehensive knowledge of various spiritual paths and her many years of counseling, are powerful tools for finding clarity, integration and direction."
Dwain Briggs, Texas (Dwain is most widely known for his ethereal, bel canto vocals on Echoes Of a Modern God, Michael Hoppe's Requiem and the Grammy nominated album Solace. www.dwainbriggs.com )

"I have been getting update readings from Daphna for over 20 years.  Her accuracy is amazing and her sensitivity far surpasses any other readings I have ever had."
Terri McBroom, St. Augustine, FL

"What I enjoy about Daphna's readings and counseling is she never tells you what to do but opens doors for you to see things in a different light.  I highly recommend her personalized readings if you are trying to make a decision about a relationship, a move or something pertaining to your career. You must write to her for this special type of reading." Gigi Perrusquia, Arkansas

"The first reading I ever had from Daphna amazed me.  Her Cabalistic Numerology Readings are very insightful and I highly recommend that you have a reading from her. Just one time and you will come back year after year for her updates which I always look forward to." Ruth Chandler, Sun River, Oregon

"If you want accuracy, honesty, and answers, you should get a reading from Daphna Moore.  I have been getting readings over the years from various readers and I finally found someone who knows what they are doing and not taking advantage of their clients.  You can feel the love coming from her in her readings–especially the taped readings." Bob Sullivan, Melbourne, FL

"I had my first reading from Daphna Moore and many of my friends now are getting readings from her. I had a numerology reading from her and also a tarot reading.  If you live any where around Brevard County, FL, I suggest you get a personal reading from her in person. She helped me so much." Candice Miller, Orlando, FL

"Thank you Daphna.  When I asked for a reading I told you I was thinking of making a change in my life as I was getting ready to experience the empty nest syndrome.  I was shocked when you told me I not only would be having my child leave for college but that there would be another member who would be leaving as well within the month.  My husband and I separated and you saw it before I did.  It was a good thing though...the reading and the separation.  I will refer you to my friends." Mary Anne Miller, Santa Barbara, CA

"Daphna, Wow!  I am so glad my friend recommended you.  I didn't realize someone could know so much just through their birth name and date of birth.  I am still listening to your taped reading and I can't thank you enough for your encouragement and positive affirmations.  And, by the way, I got the job you saw. Yeah!!!" Susan Harrington, Editor, Anchorage, Alaska

"After meeting Daphna at a book signing years ago, I decided to get a reading from her.  That was over 22 years ago and I am still getting her yearly readings.  If you have never had a reading from her you should try it just one time.  It's like trying to eat one potato chip.  You can't.  Her combination taped readings are the best and her accuracy is excellent." Elizabeth Campanelli, NY

"I met Daphna at a metphysical fair in Denver, CO, in 1991 at a book store, and had a numerology reading from her. I bought some books on numerology and started studying numerology that day because I could not believe something could be that accurate.  I still stay in touch with Daphna yearly and get readings from her." Marie Clotiaux, Aspen, CO

"Daphna Moore's readings are the best I have ever had and I have had a lot of readings.  My wife and I travel to Florida each year just so I can have a personalize reading from her, and to play golf. My wife now has readings from her as well." Bruce Williams, Chicago, IL

"The 'Woo-Woo' world of Daphna Moore benefits those of us who may not believe in the "Woo-Woo" world until something happens in one's life that is real but may still be proclaimed as from the "Woo-Woo" world. Daphna's readings have been for me intriguing and exciting. I have known Daphna for more than a decade and just from the fact of meeting and getting to know her I sometimes reflect on the synchronicity of having met her. Is that 'Woo-Woo?'" David Lee Nutter, Evergreen, CO

"I will never forget one of the main themes of your reading--that my mission in life was to inspire others. And since then I've become a writer for two newspapers, then a newspaper editor; a freelance writer for two magazines; and have formed a not-for-profit group in my town to help organize community action around some of the challenges of our time--fossil fuel depletion, climate change, faltering economy, etc." Lynda King, Bolton, MA

"The future is uncertain and time seems to be passing faster than ever before. Often life is harried, a bundle of schedules and tasks to be completed within the framework of others. More and more there is a sense of having lost control over one's own life, and the quiet desperation that accompanies that knowledge. But if we step away from the crowd long enough to take a deep breath, we begin to see more clearly and to remember different ways to reclaim our own power by carving order from chaos.

Deep in subterranean levels of the soul, the mysteries of life continue unabated by the passage of time and global trends that lead us away from more intuitive ways of experiencing the world. There is certainty in the ancient arts. Numerology is a fundamental method of seeing beneath the surface world by providing key information we otherwise may overlook.

The spiritual use of numerology supports me as I go about the details of my life. My mother used to tell me there was a time and a place for everything, but she forgot to mention that there is a simple way to ensure the choices I make will be timely. Solid, productive action needs to begin when the resources of the Universe best ensure its success.

Over the years I have followed the advice Numerology provides. Daphna Moore is my Numerologist; I wouldn't have it any other way." Beverly Sweet, Poet/Writer/Teacher/Dream Interpreter

"I just had a reading from you and it was the most informative reading I have ever had. It opened my eyes to issues I had been struggling with subconsciously and things are turning around for me in a most positive way. I opened my office now and things are looking up. Thank you for helping me. I look forward to my next year reading, especially your combination reading." Deidre Adler, Winter Springs, FL

For your READING, Please contact me with your birth information at daphnamoore@yahoo.com and I will send you the READING via email only, not snail mail. Major Credit Cards are Accepted (Not American Express), as well as Paypal.

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