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Developing Your Mind

Education and learning are lifelong processes. Your approach to developing your intellect is multifaceted, but there are special indicators in your astrological chart which help you understand the best ways to develop your mentality. Improving and strengthening communication skills is also part of developing your mind, since connecting to others is certainly improved if you can effectively illustrate your point of view!

Although the energy of Mercury is traditionally considered to be the main indicator of your mentality, there are also other qualities which are part of your mental and intellectual self. First, let's look at Mercury, which is the energy through which you link your thoughts and ideas with others. Although you have a very active and curious mind, with Mercury in Aquarius you may be most interested in learning about things which are at the leading edge. Your fascination with technology and inventive mind may lead you into areas which are off the beaten path. You're also in touch with social issues, and may have a desire to understand human nature and society which takes you into some very interesting fields of study. You definitely prefer to learn at your own pace and may balk at learning about things which are not particularly interesting to you.

As a little girl, you may have responded to your parents and teachers by saying, "I know," a lot, and that reflex remains strong. Intuitively, you do know about everything. But in the practical sense, you may not yet have had the time or opportunity to experience the development of that knowledge! By listening to your intuitive voice and blending the insights you experience through your intuitive awareness with practical experience, your intellectual development can be unparalleled.

Your tendency to take things too seriously can result from the influence of Mercury in square aspect to Saturn. You may have a mistrust of your own intellectual abilities, fearing the outcome of wrong answers or poor judgment. This can lead to an inhibition in your self-expression, and may also result in your appearing to be too critical or judgmental of others. However, you may also be driven to learn, which can be a good thing if you are in an environment which gives you an opportunity to truly develop your mind.

Knowing how to incorporate what is unusual or different into your intellectual development experiences can be difficult with Mercury in quincunx to Uranus. When you try to keep up with the fast-paced changes in technology, you may feel that you're always a little behind. But you're not running a race! You're seeking ways to express your unique ideas and inventive concepts so that they are understandable, acceptable and useful. Learning how to deal with your need for distraction is important since you may never get anything finished if you change horses in midstream too often.

Your imagination and creativity enhance your intellectual development with Mercury in trine aspect to Neptune. You may be a gifted writer, artist, actress or photographer-- and whether or not you develop these talents, you have an excellent eye for that which is beautiful and enthralling. You perform at your peak in an environment which is serene and inspires your visionary manner of thinking.

Sometimes, you can become obsessed with an idea or way of doing things with Mercury in opposition to Pluto. When you're focused on something, you're focused. There's no halfway. You don't just wade in, you immerse yourself. This quality can be especially useful in research, investigation or spiritual questing. But you can also get stuck, close your mind, and lock away the possibility of change (even though transformation in your thinking is your goal). When you re-focus your mental energy toward that end, you can even change the obsession!

The energy of your Moon also has a mental component. The Moon is the realm of thought, the process of subconscious thinking, and plays a strong role in intuitive thinking. Since you usually have strong feelings about most everything with your Moon in Scorpio, you'll find that this influences your intellectual interests and development. Your fascination with the mysteries of life can lead you to study subjects such life science, psychology or metaphysics, and your innate sense of healing energy may lead you to study or develop your skills as a healer regardless of your career path. You can be resistant to new ideas and have a tendency towards prejudicial thinking since you can be emotionally tied to those ideas and ideals you hold sacred. When you do decide to explore something new or different, you're quite thorough about it. Jupiter also plays an important role in learning, stimulating you to look ahead into the realm of possibility, beyond the horizon of the now. Through the energy of Jupiter, you share what you know with others. As a woman, you are likely to feel most at home when you use this energy to encourage and support others, but you can also apply this to yourself! Your philosophical approach to life and learning may be very much like mother taught you with Jupiter in Cancer. Your adherence to some of the attitudes which shaped earlier generations has great value for you, and you may have a keen understanding of the importance of learning from history. Sometimes, however, your emotional attachment to your philosophies can get in the way of the essence of how and what you believe.

You may have a lot invested in your educational endeavors and take pride in your beliefs and ideals with your Sun in trine aspect to Jupiter. Your interest in improving your standing in your community or within your profession may also stimulate a need to continue your education. Since you probably enjoy learning, and certainly appreciate the opportunity to share your own ideas, this can be an excellent option. Consequently you may want to seek out career situations which give you a chance to advance and which allow you to learn.

Learning can be easy for you, since your desire to reach beyond your limitations blends very nicely with your ability to discipline and focus your energy. Your sense of judgment can be quite well developed with Jupiter in trine aspect to Saturn. Creating educational goals may have played an important part in your life when you were younger, but you still enjoy learning and expanding your grasp of knowledge about the world. You may consider yourself a lifelong student, always seeking, constantly building your understanding. This is the seat of true wisdom.

The idea of being unusual seems quite fine to you, since you feel much more like yourself when you're expressing your individualism. With Jupiter conjunct Uranus you have a very high level of perception and need to trust your first impressions. Your religious beliefs or spiritual ideals may play an important role in your life, and you may be more attracted to a spiritual path which allows room for your individual growth at your own rate.

The purpose of Saturn is to provide clarity, structure, form and discipline - elements which are certainly important to learning. Saturn functions primarily as your inner teacher. Mothers are the most influential Saturnian models in western society. They provide the structure, guidance and support for their children in the realms of learning, socialization or personal growth. Once you enter society as a child, teachers play the Saturnian role. But the role of mothers and teachers in relationship to Saturn is to help you define the structure upon which you will build your life. Then, you "own" your Saturn, and know how to discipline and focus your own energy.

You can be a resourceful student and quite adept in research and investigation with Saturn in Scorpio. You may learn better and perform at your peak when you feel safe and well-protected. Circumstances which leave you feeling exposed are threatening, especially if you're working on something important or developing a creative project or idea. You prefer to work in relative secrecy and may not appreciate having your efforts exposed without your permission. Life science, medicine, psychology and metaphysics are good areas for your study and focus.

The areas of your chart which are connected most strongly to mental and intellectual development are the 3rd, 9th and 11th Houses. The 3rd House of your chart deals with communication and the development of concepts.

Your approach to thinking, learning and communicating is quite analytical with Virgo ruling your 3rd House. You may enjoy learning, and can develop a good relationship with your teachers. However, you are quite sensitive to criticism and can be too critical of yourself or your own intellectual abilities. You're probably more intelligent that you realize! Your ability to illustrate detail is evidenced by your writing and speaking, and you may be a consummate storyteller and convincing reader (ask your children!). With Mercury ruling your 3rd House you enjoy the support and interaction created through networking with others, and may have a special interest in education or children's issues.

There are no planets in your 3rd House, indicating that developing your communicative capacities is not one of your highest priorities. However this does not indicate an impairment in your thinking or a lack of intellectual development. To further understand your approach to communication reflect upon the meaning of the sign on the cusp of this house, explained above, and study the influence of Mercury in its sign and house as indicators of the best ways to develop your intellect.

Your 9th House shows your approach to higher learning, which is usually accomplished through a college or professional degree program. Subjects like philosophy, religion, political science, cultural pursuits and the like are strongly associated with this facet of your development.

You are definitely an idealist with Pisces on the cusp of your 9th House. Your vision of the world as a better place with opportunities for true peace and harmony can be quite a powerful driver in your quest to improve your own life. In higher educational pursuits, you may be more inclined to study philosophy, religion, political science and the arts than you are drawn to math or science. It's tempting for you to impose your ideals or beliefs upon others who may seem less "enlightened," but you may need to show some restraint in this regard if you are to experience the peace you dream about. With Neptune ruling this house you can use your ability to visualize to aid you in your learning pursuits, and to help you create the world as you desire to experience it.

Your affinity for philosophy, religious study, teaching and higher learning is no accident. With your Sun in the 9th House, you may feel powerfully drawn to study higher truth, and to invest much of your life in pursuit of excellence. You are an eternal student and can be a profound teacher. In many ways you may feel that your life is a journey, and whether you travel on the face of the planet, into space or simply on the inner realm, you are always seeking to understand the greater meanings of life. A sense of higher moral law pervades your identity, and you may strive in all your endeavors strive for the path of true righteousness. Through the 11th House you learn from peers, and connect with your community. The 11th House involves your special interests, too. This is very much the school of life, because this is also the area which relates to developing your goals. You certainly are more spiritual than you are religious because you do not want to follow dogma.

You're probably surrounded by friends who share your interests, and those interests usually involve enjoying life. With Gemini on the 11th House, maintaining contact is important, and you may feel that you need a lot of gadgets, like telephones, computers, cars or other devices which help you stay in touch. Your goals may include accumulating these things, but your larger goal is staying connected! With Mercury ruling this house, you may think of a lot of goals you would like to follow, but may not stay focused upon them. You may understand that what you think you become. As you have matured, are realizing the importance of focusing your thoughts more clearly in order to create a life which reflects your true values and needs. There are no planets in your 11th House, indicating that you may not find it necessary or important to develop a strict set of goals, and that you may not seek out confirmation and support from others in order to reach a sense of fulfillment. To further understand your special interests look to the sign on the cusp of this house explained in the section above, and study the placement of Uranus in your chart to determine where you find your best allies.

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