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Compatibility Readings

These readings analyze the relationship between two people. This is an excellent reading as it tells you how you will get along with friends, lovers, employees, bosses, etc. They describe how you approach relationships, what traits influence all of your relationships from business to casual friendships to lovers. You will discover how each of you relates to many aspects in your life.


But, if you are a normally functioning human being whose life is made up of all sorts of relationships, you should probably consider a Friends & Lovers report, maybe a couple. The better your relationships, the better and more rewarding your life can be. That's the absolute truth!

If you are currently in a relationship - order a Friends & Lovers report.

If you are considering an involvement (is he or she THE right one?) - order a Friends & Lovers report.

If you would like to know how to make any personal relationship - romantic, family, friend, business (yes, even the boss) - better, more rewarding, and fulfilling - order a Friends & Lovers report.

What are you going to get?

This is a Synastry report. If you're not familiar with that term, it is one of the foundation techniques of astrology, used for centuries. The accuracy of this technique is actually one of the reasons for astrology's popularity over the past few thousand years. The report we create for you will look at each of your charts and give you some real insight into just how you relate, and specifically how you will relate to the other person. You'll see your strengths and weakness, challenges, and the role that you will play in the relationship - then it does the same thing from the other person's perspective.

If you are looking at a current relationship, please don't hurt your neck nodding in agreement. You may not agree with absolutely everything, that is until you think about it.

I'll warn you in advance, these reports are accurate, and insightful. You may not always like what you read - or you may be pleasantly surprised. But, what you read can help you make the most of your relationship, or help you steer clear of a dead-end relationship - maybe before you get too involved.

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