The Three Main Factors in Astrology

There are THREE main factors in Astrology. The law of 3 is present everywhere in Astrology. Perfect balance and harmony are achieved only when the law of 3 is considered:

EXAMPLE: relationships between 2 people only work smoothly in the presence of the divine higher power, also the 2 sides of a coin are totally meaningless without the 3rd factor of the presence of the meaning of money itself. My side, your side, and the right side or my understanding of truth, your understanding of truth, and Truth being Truth.

Metaphorically, the SUN locates an entity in the present, the MOON recalls the past, and the ASCENDANT points to the future. Together the SUN, MOON, and ASCENDENT impart a sense of direction.

After reviewing the chart, I start the reading on the cassette. I also send you the printed readings along with the personalized intuitive readings.

NOTE: According to traditional definitions of science, Astrology is scientific because it is a discipline, which uses set rules to explain natural phenomena. In addition, the Greek word 'scientia' simply means wisdom. Some astrologers claim that traditional astrology is a science, while others want to create a new scientific astrology separate from traditional practices.

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